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Come along on this 365-day journey of exploration and self-realization, that sparked lots of changes, forward motion, and most certainly fun. Use Trish’s milestone experiences as nuggets of wisdom to help YOU move forward (and find personal breakthroughs) in a fashion that benefits you most.


"If you're looking for a guide to walk you into your next phase of life,
look no further, as you are right where you need to when you read this book."

Jesse Brisendine,

Internationally Recognized life-coach, author, personal trainer and speaker


"Walker rattles the status quo with refreshing humor and insight,
thus inspiring the reader to look at the world through a whole new lens!"

Arlene Pedersen,

CEO Be Freaking Awesome


Trish Walker

When a new decade loomed for Trish Walker, she approached it with some trepidation. The arrival of a good-natured, age-focused birthday greeting from her brother didn’t help. So she decided to head into her fifties in a fresh way—by doing fifty new things in her 50th year.

She didn’t want her “Fifty for 50 List” to be all about her and her own personal pleasures (spa treatments, anyone?), but rather about breaking free of well-worn, yet limiting, comfort zones. She wanted to walk away from the year she turned 50 feeling good about herself and what she did to pay it forward.